New Zealand’s Right to Build to Medium Density

Kensington, London
Proposed Medium Density Residential Standards (MDRS)
Source: Twitter
Royal Oaks, Auckland. Is three story, bulkier sausage flats facing each other the archetypal intensification answer?

Enabling perimeter block developments

Source: Twitter
CFMH state by removing height in relation to boundary and yard requirements at the front of the site, development can be brought right up to the front and side boundaries of the property. This means outlooks orient either towards the street or to the rear of the property, and all the open space gets unified as a single, large backyard.
We (CFMH) strongly support the intent of the Medium Density Residential Standards (MDRS), enabling three storeys everywhere allows for the full scale of housing typologies from stand-alone homes to terraced houses to three storey apartments, to be built in all neighbourhoods to meet different demands. However, most of New Zealand’s experience with suburban medium density housing to date has been with ‘sausage flat’ and ‘infill’. These typologies often have issues with privacy, private space, and sunlight access. The MDRS is likely to exacerbate these issues.

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