Good Riddance Single House Zoning

Single house zoning charts its history back to the early 1900’s in the United States when private covenants and local government zoning had the purpose of excluding people by race and income. Source from Racial Restrictive Covenants compiled by The Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project
Most of the above rules will be implemented by local government by August 2022. Source
The Coalition for More Homes (CFMH) proposal for an alternative medium density residential standard (MDRS).
  • The government could have been more strategic about improving the built environment by encouraging better urban forms rather than the increased permissiveness being focused on sausage flat type developments.
  • Mixed-use commercial activity could have been made ‘as of right’ by legislation too.
  • The Bill gives a right to build that favours fewer larger dwellings (up to three). The same built envelope cannot ‘by right’ be divided into a greater number of smaller dwellings. A right to build low-rise apartments would further help less well-off households access city-locations that have better opportunities.
  • The Bill could have applied to more urban areas — not just the Tier-1 cities — Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch.
  • The prime minister could talk more about the right to build for those without access to decent housing, rather than voicing concern about property values for those with housing. This type of talk is too close to the pre-1950s American Realtor speak for my liking. But she does seem to be walking back some of her statements about sustainable house price growth — more of this would be welcomed.





Trying to optimise amenity and affordability values for urban areas

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Brendon Harre

Brendon Harre

Trying to optimise amenity and affordability values for urban areas

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