Housing affordability: The question is why not how or what

There are lots of articles dealing with the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of the housing crisis. As there should be for an issue which is at the top of the political agenda.

They detail what is causing the housing crisis. Collectively they cover all the different ‘what’ angles. Supply or demand. Immigration or planning restrictions or infrastructure deficits… each with a corresponding ‘how’ to fix the ‘what’.

I have taken a different approach by looking at ‘why’ we should fix the housing crisis.

It was this approach that I used in a recent article titled -Housing affordability: Reform or Revolution, where I argued that the moral and social justice promoting techniques used in the 19th century, for a successful affordable food campaign, could be used in the modern day for an affordable housing campaign.

This article has been commented on favourably by both right and left-wing intellectual commentators.

Michael Reddell a former Reserve Bank economist wrote an article commenting on my article. He wrote in his blog-site croakingcassandra.com an article titled Housing reform, the Corn Laws and possibilities for New Zealand

Eric Crampton a researcher for the NZ Initiative -what used to be the Business Roundtable -a right wing business orientated Think Tank -commented on Twitter

“Oh, I love this from @brendon_harre. The pro-housing coalition as modern-day Anti Corn Law League.”

Laila Harré a former left wing politician, cabinet minister and unionist and current owner of Auckland’s first living wage restaurant -Ika Seafood Bar and Grill. Laila commented on Twitter

“@brendon_harre (yes we’re related) links housing to earlier social justice struggles & shows winning is possible”

Laila also promoted another article by Lizzie Marvelly (that is shorter and easier to read than my article) which also explains ‘why’ we need affordable housing -saying on Twitter.

“More along those lines. Lizzie Marvelly: Save the Kiwi dream before it’s too late. (This isn’t going away)”

The ‘why’ we should fix affordable housing approach has a lot going for it, if it can receive such a diverse range of support.

Trying to optimise amenity and affordability values for urban areas

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